Bacteria, Mold, and Microorganisms

There is a hidden world of microorganisms like molds and bacterias all around you in your home, school, everywhere you look. Microorganisms can consist of a single cell or multiple cells, but all are so small that they can only be viewed through a microscope. A scientist named Antoine van Leeuwenhoek discovered the first microorganism in 1674 using a microscope that he invented. Microorganisms serve as decomposers in their environment and provide nutrient recycling. They are versatile and resilient life forms that can be found in even the most extreme environments like Antarctica and the Mariana Trench. Microorganisms are classified as either Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Prokaryotes do not have a nucleus and Eukaryotes do. Some microorganisms can be dangerous to the health of plants, humans, and animals such as mold and bacteria. You may not realize it since they are often invisible, but microorganisms are an important part of our world. You can learn a lot about biology and cellular structures by studying microorganisms beneath a microscope. Explore the websites below to learn more about cellular structures, different types of microorganisms, and fun ideas for microbiology experiments.

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