Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is an important aspect of successful New York businesses. Whether an office building, church, hotel, industrial or manufacturing warehouse, you will derive many benefits from using a professional commercial cleaning, New York based company to handle your cleaning needs. Building maintenance services differ from those for residential homes and structures, as it is often a necessity and not a luxury. Businesses simply cannot function if floors and windows and dirty, offices are unkempt, and restrooms are unsanitary. By choosing a professional commercial cleaning company in New York City you can ensure that your business remains in a manner that is sanitary and healthy.

Commercial And Building Maintenance Is Crucial To The Success Of Any Business

New York companies must ensure that buildings are clean for employees and customers. If a building facility is overrun with mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses, the results may be costly. Not only will employers lose productivity as customers are unable to perform duties due to illnesses, but patrons will stop utilizing the building’s services. New York code along with the Environmental Protection Agency determines various rules and regulations for building operations. Many of these codes pertain to health and sanitation. A business that fails to comply with established guidelines will face penalties and possibly be forced to shut down. The best way to ensure the success and longevity of your business is to choose a professional commercial cleaning, New York based company.

There is a growing move to use green products when cleaning rather than using harsh chemicals. The cleaning supplies used are often a joint decision by the client and cleaning company and consist of products that are EPA approved. Most offices require general cleaning and do not need the use of powerful, toxic chemicals. General office cleaning consists of tasks such as emptying trash, dusting, vacuuming, and ensuring rooms are free from debris. Floors are often vacuumed, washed, and waxed and glass fixtures are polished. Windows are cleaned according to their design, location, and style and restrooms are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. Restocking items is another function often accomplished by cleaning companies. Some services may include grounds management and facility cleaning, as well as recycling programs. One of the most popular trends in building maintenance is to implement green strategies that will reduce the carbon footprint.

Many New York Buildings Are Undergoing A Green Makeover

They are trading in high electric bills for solar power, utilizing water systems that conserve rather than waste, and choose building and construction materials that are renewable and environmentally friendly. For these businesses, choosing a New York based cleaning company that understands and respects a green business model is essential. Green cleaning companies use biodegradable products, ensure that the cleaning materials they use are not packaged in excessive amounts of paper and plastic, and stay away from cleaning tools, products, and materials that use harsh chemicals that pose a danger and threat to the environment.

When Choosing A Building Maintenance Company, Communication Is Of The Utmost Importance

Business owners should clearly state what their expectations are and ensure the company is in agreement. A professional cleaning company will focus on a variety of areas and use a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to provide the best cleaning experience for their clients. Each commercial project will vary in needs, techniques, and the ways in which the project is tackled, but in all, professionalism is to be expected. A thorough building maintenance service will focus on different types of flooring and have an advanced knowledge of how to clean everything from ceramic tile to exotic woods and stone. Cleaning and removing stains from carpets is another important aspect to high quality commercial cleaning. It is not enough for a company to know how to vacuum or shampoo carpets, but they must have demonstrable results in removing various stains. Though many are unaware, carpets are one of the worst areas for bacteria and viruses to lurk. Proper carpet care will ensure that viruses and bacteria are removed from carpets, thereby creating a truly safe and healthy environment. Companies must ensure that their carpets not only look great, but also are not posing a health hazard.

Just as carpets are a haven for bacteria and germs, so too are restrooms. A professional cleaning company will demonstrate expertise in the viruses and germs that are most commonly found in restrooms and use products that not only clean but also disinfect and sanitize as well. Ensuring that restrooms are ready for use by employees and customers will have a strong impact on how people view your business. There are many green cleaning products that will safely destroy bacteria and viruses from surfaces, including restroom fixtures without posing a threat to human health or the environment.