How to Clean your House Fast

How to Clean your House Fast

Cleaning your house is definitely not one of the most exciting tasks you will find. Unfortunately, it is necessary. Whether it’s routine cleaning or cleaning up after guests, learning to clean your house quickly can save you time so you can enjoy more leisurely activities. This guide will offer some quick tips on how to clean your house fast. Once you apply these tips, you will realize that keeping a clean house is not so difficult after all.

How to clean your bathroom – Grab some paper towels or cloths and spray them with a bottle filled equally with white vinegar and water. Use the damp cloths to wipe the mirrors, faucet, sink, and any other sections.

How to clean your shower – Leave a window or door open for ventilation and divide your shower into three vertical areas. Spray the first area’s wall and tub portion with cleaner and let it sit. While the first area’s spray settles, spray the second area. Now clean the first area. Once finished, spray the third area, let it dry, and clean the second area. Complete the job by scrubbing the third area quickly and you are finished.

How to clean your toilet – You can quickly zap your toilet quickly by pouring a cup of bleach into it. Brush beneath the rim and on the sides. Let the bleach sit for five minutes before flushing.

How to clean your kitchen counters – Toss out things that you won’t use into the garbage can. Put all mail, magazines, or papers into a neat pile. Use a squirt cleaner on paper towels or a cloth to wipe the cleared areas.

How to clean your kitchen sink – Place any dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Spray an all-purpose cleaner onto any spots or marks and wipe them with an eraser-type sponge. Rinse the debris with warm water.

How to clean your refrigerator – Bring your trash can close to the fridge and throw away any old food. Use a wet sponge to quickly wipe bins and shelves. Toss a box of baking soda inside to absorb odors. Wipe the handles and door to finish.

How to clean your stove top – Remove any knobs, grates, or other parts and let them soak in the sink in hot water and dish soap. Use a sponge to wipe the stove top clean with the all-purpose cleaner of your choice.

How to clean your oven – Drop a little baking soda on a wet sponge and hit the handles, doors, windows, and any other areas with visible grime.

How to clean your toaster oven – Toaster ovens can get quite dirty, so cleaning them is a must. Unplug the toaster and remove any trays or racks. Dump the debris and clean the parts with a sponge and all-purpose cleaner. Wipe the interior and exterior surfaces. Let everything dry for five minutes prior to plugging the oven in.

How to clean your microwave – Remove microwave filth by using it to heat a cup of water for five minutes. The steam will virtually melt any splashes of food and make it easy to wipe them off with a cloth or paper towel. Clean the exterior with all-purpose cleaner.

How to clean your kitchen floor – Get that messy kitchen floor clean in a flash by using a disposable cloth sweeper. This will take care of all the debris. For stains, use a slightly damp paper towel to spot clean.

How to clean your windows – Use a small brush or broom to hit the corners and window sills first. With all of the dust and dirt gone, spray a mist of cleaner onto the windows and wipe horizontally with a clean cloth. Do the same on the outside but wipe vertically.

How to clean curtains, drapes, and shades – Use a handheld vacuum or a vacuum with a hose and start from the top and work your way down. For any spots, use a sponge dipped in a mixture of warm water and a drop of dish-washing liquid for quick touch-ups.

How to clean your couches and chairs – Grab any pet hair with rubber gloves. Use a vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment to suck up any debris in crevices. Attack any stains with warm water, a drop of dish-washing detergent, and a cloth.

How to clean your fans – Use a stool to reach your fans and slowly dust both sides with a cloth or a duster. Dampen the cloth and repeat the process to remove any grime.

How to clean your chandeliers – Wipe off any dust with a duster or dry cloth. Spray a paper towel with glass cleaner and wipe the parts from the top down. Do this with the lighting turned off for safety.

How to clean carpet stains – Fill one spray bottle with cold water and the other with one cup of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. Spray the solution onto a cloth and dab the stain. Dab it once again with clean parts of the cloth. Complete the task by spraying another cloth with cold water and gently blotting the stain.

How to clean your home office – Tidy up any papers in organized piles. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe any screens or electronics. Finish up by using a damp cloth to wipe your desk.

How to clean your TV – Unplug the TV and wipe off any dust with a duster or cloth. Spray a clean cloth with a bit of window cleaner and wipe the screen. Use the dry part of the cloth to wipe again and dry.

How to clean your patio – Quickly place any toys or other objects in their rightful places or place them in a corner. Sweep up any leaves or debris with a broom. Wipe down patio furniture with a cloth dampened with all-purpose cleaner.

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