Cleaning and Maintaining Bowling Balls and Equipment

People have enjoyed bowling for hundreds of years. Historically, bowling was an outdoor sport that people used to play on the grass. Eventually, the game moved indoors. Long alleys were necessary to accommodate the process of throwing the heavy balls toward the pins. With gutters on either sides of the alleys, an errant throw of the ball will likely end up with the ball entering the gutter instead of connecting with pins at the end of the alley. Bowlers have many things to consider as they play the game, including starting position, approach, and release. Even maintaining and cleaning a bowling ball is an important part of successful bowling. A dirty ball that has collected oils from a bowling alley floor may not roll effectively to knock out the pins.

Bowling Ball Maintenance

Experts generally recommend that bowlers clean their balls after every bowling game. Special degreasing products are available that will help keep bowling balls spotless. Simply spray the degreaser onto the surface of the bowling ball and wipe it off completely. More in-depth cleaning will be necessary for ball maintenance. The timing of this deep cleaning depends on bowling frequency. Some people prefer to have a bowling ball cleaned professionally. Others prefer to save money by cleaning the ball themselves. When self-cleaning a bowling ball, tape up the finger holes to prevent moisture from entering these areas. Submerge the bowling ball in warm water for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the ball from the water, and dry it thoroughly to finish.

Other Bowling Equipment

Bowlers must wear special shoes when bowling. Regular street shoes can be damaging to the expensive wood of bowling alleys. Bowling shoes have special features that assist with bowling. The left shoe of a right-handed bowler has a slippery sole made of hard leather. The opposite shoe for a right-handed bowler has a sole that will grip the alley more effectively. Left-handed bowlers have the opposite configuration for bowling shoes. Bowlers will also need a special bag for transporting a bowling ball. Bags can have special added compartments that enable the bowler to carry other essentials and belongings to and from a bowling alley.

  • Bowling Rules: Bowlers cannot bowl in street shoes because they can damage the wood of the lanes. Consequently, bowling involves wearing special bowling shoes.
  • How to Choose Your Bowling Shoes: Bowling shoes come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose shoes that offer the best support for the feet.

General Bowling Information