Different Method of Floor Waxing

Flooring, particularly surfaces such as hard wood and linoleum, can be prone to cosmetic issues such as scratches, marks, and dings. Floor waxing is a method of cleaning and polishing floors that not only gives them a renewed shine, but also helps to protect them from more damage. There are several different ways to wax different floor materials, and also several different products available for use on hard floor surfaces. No matter which method you choose, waxing your floors is an excellent way to preserve them for many years to come.

There are a few different ways to wax a floor, but each way requires that the flooring surface is clean and dry before applying the wax. You can opt to use a mild detergent and water mixture, a specialized floor cleaner or just vacuum away any excess dirt and debris before waxing. Regardless of the cleaning method, the surface must be completely dry and as clean as possible before application. Using mineral spirits is an excellent option that will ensure the floors are as clean as possible. This helps to ensure that the wax cures properly to the floor and that no dirt will show through it once it’s dried and ready to enjoy.

In some cases, people opt to remove the prior layer of wax before applying a new coat. In order to do this, you must use a wax removing chemical or stripping agent. This chemical will eat away at the existing layer of wax without damaging the floor beneath. If you decide to use a wax stripper first, be sure that you have the proper ventilation and that you use gloves and masks to help keep you from touching or breathing in the fumes from the chemicals. This method is a bit more time consuming, but it can also help to ensure that your floors look amazing and almost brand new when you apply the new coat of wax.

  • Waxing a hard floor surface will extend the life of your floors, make them look more appealing, and can add years of enjoyment to hard wood and other surfaced flooring.
  • Be sure to allot enough time to get the job done, as floor waxing is a several-step process that includes cleaning, possibly stripping the prior layer of wax from the floor, and then applying a new coat of wax. Do not forget to factor in the needed drying time that each step requires.

Aside from the different methods of waxing floors, there are also several different floor waxing products available on the market today. An inexpensive way to quickly wax your floors is to use a product called paste wax. This inexpensive and easy method can be applied quickly and does not need much time to “cure”, or stick to the floor’s surface. It requires touch-ups from time to time, but is a great way to add shine to the floors without the intense work and cost. For a high shine finish, you’ll want to purchase something a bit more potent. Usually, these products are referred to as sealants or high shine finishes, and can be found in many home improvement stores.

Depending on the type of shine and protection you desire, you can choose from several different floor finishes. An oil-based urethane can be purchased in a gloss, semi-gloss line sheen, or a more matte type sheen which is a muted coverage. Anything containing oil usually requires several coats, and it’s important to remember to allow for drying time in between each coat application. Another type of floor wax called a moisture-based urethane is a bit more heavy duty, lasts a long time, and provides remarkable coverage against scuffs and scratches. This product is usually applied by professionals and has a very volatile scent, so it should be used with caution. Of course, you can always opt to use traditional wax, which will give your floors a nice shine and protect them from stains. Keep in mind, however that wax requires maintenance including buffing on a fairly regular basis to keep its shine.

  • Read about each type of floor sealant, and learn about the ingredients before purchasing. Find out which type of product will work best on your individual floors, and which one will last the longest and be the most time-efficient to apply.
  • There are now earth-friendly floor wax products available. These new products have less or even no chemicals, and have been shown to perform just as well as their chemical-laden counterparts when it comes to protecting and beautifying hardwood or linoleum floors.

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