Cleaning & Taking Care Of Your Bird & It’s Cage

Birds are intelligent, affectionate animals that thrive as pets when given the proper care and attention. They are not commonly susceptible to parasites, and are one of the cheapest pets to maintain on average. Birds are a particularly great choice for apartment dwellers because they require so little space.

There are several bird species that are commonly taken in as pets-cockatiels, parrots, finches, and lovebirds are a few of the most popular types; however, it is very important to choose the right species of bird for your living situation. Macaw parrots, for example, are one of the most commonly desired birds because of their intelligence and ability to copy sounds-but they are actually very high maintenance and should only be taken in by owners who are willing to put the proper time and effort into their training. A budgie parakeet-the smallest of the species-is a much more common and wise choice for a Parrot novice. Finches and cockatiels are also great choices for companion birds.

Birds are social, affectionate animals that enjoy the attention of their humans. Before taking in a pet bird, make sure to read everything possible about how to give these sweet creatures the love and attention they deserve. Because of their intelligence, they need lots of mental stimulation-their cage should include plenty of toys, and they should have “cage free” time almost every day. Bird-proofing your home is a must before bringing home your new friend-there are many dangers lurking in the home and it is important to take the steps to create a safe space.

Pet birds require daily cage cleaning and weekly disinfecting of all toys, perches, and water dishes. It is extremely important to keep a sanitary space for your bird because they are very susceptible to disease when kept in unclean conditions. Natural cleaners like vinegar are effective in sanitizing cages, as well as common household products; but are careful; many cleaning products are dangerous to a bird’s sensitive respiratory system.

Types Of Pet Birds

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How To Care For Your Pet Bird

How To Clean Your Bird’s Cage