Learning to tell time is very important, and it is a skill used every day. Clocks are found in our homes, schools, and on office walls. They are there to help wake up for school, alert us that it’s time for recess, and remind our parents it’s time to go home. But none of that is possible without learning how to tell time. We can learn how to tell time by playing games, doing activities, watching videos, and in many other fun ways. Then we can test our skills by taking fun quizzes that show you how much we really do know. Use these links to learn how to tell time and improve your time-telling skills.

Numbers on a Clock (Video)

Watch this video to learn what a clock looks like and where each number is positioned on the clock’s face.

Time Telling Whole Hours – Grade 2 Time Worksheet (PDF)

This worksheet teaches you how to read whole hours of time. You can practice and then compare your answers to the answer key.

Giraffe Pull

Grab a friend, and play this matching game of tug of war that helps players practice their time-telling skills.

Interactive Teaching Clock

Visit this link to practice telling time on both analog and digital clocks.

Time Maze

To get through this maze, you must listen to the times announced, and correctly click on the time heard.

Just in Time

Play this game with friends and practice reading time correctly. The first player to get to the end, wins.

Stop the Clock

This interactive online game lets players test their time reading skills in a timed game. Players have to get through it in five minutes or less to win.

Telling Time

Take this quiz and test your time telling skills by listening to the time read out loud and choosing the correct answer from the list of choices.

Telling Time Bingo

Grab some friends and play a round of Telling Time Bingo. This game is a fun way to practice time telling skills.

Math Time

This quiz shows you a clock displaying time. You then input the time and try to answer as many time displays correctly in a short amount of time.

What Time is It?

This game helps you practice telling time on an analog clock.

Telling Time Worksheets for 3rd Graders (PDF)

This web page has several printable worksheets designed for 3rd-grade students to work on their time telling skills.

Hour Page (PDF)

Print this worksheet and work on correctly reading time to the hour.

Telling Time Activities: Make a Hula Hoop Clock

There are many great ways to make learning to tell time more enjoyable than simply sitting in a classroom practicing skills. Take learning time outdoors by making a clock out of a hula hoop, chalk, and a couple of sticks.

Telling the Time

Here on this website, you learn to express the time in digital format after reading the time from a clock face.

Pick a Card: Telling Time on a Clock with Numbers

This interactive activity allows you to practice reading a clock, select the answer, and see whether or not their answer is correct.

Put the Clocks in Order from Earliest to Latest

Visit this website and practice arranging clocks in order of time from earliest to latest. Then check the answer to see if it is correct.

Telling Time on the Railroad (PDF)

The Union Pacific Railroad Museum knows the importance of telling time to keep trains on schedule. Here are some activities they have put together for children to practice their time skills. Activities include worksheets, dice games, and more.

Telling Time (Video)

Watch this cute video that features students teaching about the hands on a clock and how to tell time.

Learn to Tell Time – What is “Half Past” the Hour? (Video)

Watch this entertaining animated video about learning to tell time and learn what “half past” the hour means.

Telling Time on a Clock (Video)

Watch this video that uses music and a flower clock to teach time.

Drawing Hands (PDF)

Print this worksheet and practice drawing the hands on a clock face with times that include quarter hours.

Telling Time Worksheets

Create unique telling time worksheets on this website. Choose the problem type, time increments, clock size and more. Then sit down, and complete the worksheets to improve time telling skills.

Common Core Sheets – Matching Clocks

Generate worksheets where you can match the analog clock time to the digital clock time.

The Math Worksheet – Telling Time

Here’s another website where anyone can create worksheets for practicing time telling skills. Choose the number of clocks, time increments, and whether the hands of the clock are displayed. Then print it up and work on telling time.

Time Worksheets

This is a fun website for creating time telling worksheets. Here your choices include clock face, kinds of time telling questions, increments, and more. Create a time telling worksheet and practice, or share it with a friend and test their skills.

Interactive Clock Reading Quiz

Visit this website to test your clock reading skills. Enter the missing word to complete each time telling sentence that matches the displayed clock face.

Telling Time on the Clock

Take this interactive quiz and test your clock reading skills.

Math Quiz for Children – Telling Time in Hours and Minutes Quiz

Visit this website for an interactive time telling quiz that tests your hour and minute knowledge.

What’s the Time?

Try this quiz and to test your time reading skills.

Telling Time

This interactive quiz helps you discover what time reading skills you need to improve.

Clocks – Telling Time Quiz

Unlike most time telling quizzes, this quiz doesn’t question you on what time it is. Instead, this quiz asks questions about time including am/pm, what each hand on the clock does, and more.

Telling Time Quiz

Visit this website to test your time telling skills and discover where you still need practice.

What Time Is It? (Video)

Watch this video to learn a fun song about telling time.

Telling Time

On this website, you can play a game of matching the digital time to the written time.

Telling Time Zones – Telling Time Game

Different parts of the world have different time zones, which can be a bit confusing. Play this game to learn about the various time zones and better understand why the time is different in different places.

Bedtime Bandits – A Time Telling Game

Play this fun game about bedtime and alarm clocks to improve your time reading skills. Every time a correct answer is chosen, bedtime for the boy or girl in the game becomes a little later.