Commercial Cleaning FAQs

Many businesses and other organizations depend on a commercial cleaning service to keep their buildings clean as well as professional looking. An individual who is thinking about hiring a professional commercial cleaning company often has a gathering of questions about the service. Consequently, a collection of frequently asked questions regarding New York cleaning companies can be helpful for anyone who’d like to learn more about them. The following are some of those frequently asked questions.

What sorts of organizations hire a cleaning company, NYC and elsewhere?

Some examples of places that hire New York cleaning companies are retail stores, schools, businesses, offices, churches, and restaurants.

What type of cleaning services does a cleaning company, NYC based, offer its clients?

New York cleaning companies thoroughly vacuum carpets and spot clean. Also, a cleaning company NYC based and beyond dusts furniture, cleans window glass, sweeps tile, and cleans restrooms. Clients may inquire with a commercial cleaning service about other specific cleaning tasks.

What is the quality of the service offered by a contract cleaning company?

Commercial cleaning New York and elsewhere as well as maintenance companies in NYC hire and train professionals who are dedicated to their work. The dependable staff of a cleaning company, New York and beyond, does an efficient, thorough cleaning job for every client.

Does commercial cleaning, New York based, offer any special services?

Yes. A client may sign up for window washing services, carpet shampoos, power washing, and even specify green cleaning.

What if a business or organization simply needs a round of basic cleaning tasks done on a regular basis?

Commercial cleaning, New York based, deals with both small and large cleaning jobs. If a client wants a commercial cleaning service crew to come in to dust, empty trash cans, and mop the restroom floors on a regular basis, then that is what is provided. We endeavor to meet the needs of all our clients.

What is an example of some of the detail work that a professional commercial cleaning service may provide?

Well, if a professional commercial cleaning crew is cleaning an office restroom; they won’t stop at mopping the floors and cleaning the toilets. They will make sure that the toilet paper dispensers are filled as well as the soap containers. They will not call the job done until the restroom sinks are glowing and the faucet fixtures shine!

Does a commercial cleaning service have different cleaning packages for clients to choose from? What are the commercial cleaning rates?

A professional commercial cleaning company offers a free price quote to customers. The commercial cleaning rates differ due to a few factors. Some things that determine commercial cleaning rates are the size of a business and the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done. A contract cleaning company would be glad to discuss the cleaning needs of any client.

Does a contract cleaning company offer any maintenance services to a client?

Yes. Cleaning and maintenance companies in NYC work to ensure that a building is clean as well as safe for operations.

What sort of tasks does a commercial cleaning service offer for a school?

A cleaning company, New York and elsewhere, understands that it’s crucial to keep the level of bacteria and germs in a school’s classrooms to a minimum. A cleaning company, New York based, employs eco-friendly cleaning solutions to thoroughly sanitize while protecting the health of students. Cleaning desks, chairs, floors, restrooms, and interior windows are just a few of the services that New York cleaning companies offer to schools. The crew of maintenance companies in NYC can also assist a school’s staff in ensuring that students and visitors are entering a safe, well-maintained environment.

What sorts of special cleaning tasks would a contract cleaning company offer to a restaurant owner who wants to maintain good air quality inside the business?

A contract cleaning company understands that good air quality is a priority in many restaurants in order to make customers comfortable as they dine. In an effort to rid a restaurant dining area of dust, a commercial cleaning service cleans ceiling fans, window shades, window sills, and thoroughly vacuums. A properly trained cleaning company New York crew is experienced in finding places in a restaurant where dust particles tend to gather.

How do clients contact a commercial cleaning service if they have a problem or question?

A cleaning company, NYC and elsewhere, can be contacted by telephone, email, or even fax. Reliable New York cleaning companies continually strive to meet a client’s needs.

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